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Shiatsu opiskelu vie sinut kauniille matkalle, Suomi

Suomen Shiatsukoulu!

Tutustu Suomen Shiatsukouluun ja sen kurssitarjontaan.
Technical background

Welcome to the website of the Finnish Shiatsu Association

The Shiatsu Association of Finland distributes information about shiatsu and provides guidelines for treatment recommendations. We seek to work together with other similar organizations throughout Europe and try to set European and national standards for shiatsu masseur training programmes.

The Shiatsu Association of Finland invites all active shiatsu professionals located in Finland to become members of the organisation. We are creating a database of all shiatsu professionals in Finland. Trainees are also welcome to register with us. . Please, contact Sami Kangas through email to register.

The Shiatsu Association of Finland orders the shiatsu professionals register and other member services on the Internet from Webkangas. Shiatsu Association matters are dealt with by Sami Kangas, who is also a shiatsu therapist. If you want to discuss any technical details, you are welcome to take them up with Sami.

English information

Our site will offer more Shiatsu information in English during the year. For now, we would like to apologize to our English readers as this page is all that we have ready. However, if you are looking for general information on shiatsu you may take a look at our links page and browse, for example, to the European Shiatsu Federation.

If you are anxious for immediate access to English-language information about Shiatsu activities in Finland, please contact Sami Kangas at the above address. Thank you for patience!

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